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Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas {1}
Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas {2}
Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas {1}
Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas {2}

Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas

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Boating, Fishing, Qld Marine Safety Chart - GREAT BARRIER REEF - Camtas

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Boating, Fishing, Tourist, Marine Safety Chart - Camtas publication 790
LAMINATED both sides with premium grade 80 um plastic film non- reflective matte finish specially formulated in manufacture of surface to allow navigators the benefit of being able to DRAW ON THE SURFACE WITH PENCIL OR INK. Pencil and most inks easily removed with eraser, permanent ink with mentholated spirit.
Product has long life, permanently WATERPROOF and resilient to damage.
Size 61 x 88 cm
Water contours are shades of blue becoming progressively darker as depth increases
Natural features, reefs,  and others features are visually realistically depicted
Grid reference system simplifies identifying
Navigation symbols are clearly explained on the chart without the need for supplementary handbook
Known information such as names, heights, depth contours and depths included
Satellite positions derived from the WGS1984 datum  can be plotted directly onto this chart
An affordable chart and perfect gift or reference guide both at home or on holidays
Camtas management has a wealth of knowledge, spanning over 65 years of combined personal experiences, Royal Australian Navy, yachting, amateur and professional fishing, deep sea and reef scuba diving, underwater photography, ichthyology, marine aquariums, marine rescue and cartography. 
Camtas Marine Safety Chart was first published in year 1973 for a local Marine Search & Rescue Group who sought help to create a user friendly grid type search and rescue chart for their local area. New publications have followed due its instant success and numerous requests from similar groups and public. 
Marine chart contains easily identified places of interest:
GREAT BARRIER REEF, AUSTRALIA EAST COAST, TORRES STRAIT, CORAL  SEA, CAPE YORK PENINSULA, QUEENSLAND, PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Thursday Is, Horn Is, Prince of Wales Is, Possession  Is, Moa Island, Twin Island, Mt Adolphus (Mori) Is, Murray Islands, Pandora Passage, Ashmore Reef, Harvey Rocks, Boot Reef,  Eastern Fields, Cape York, Yorke Islands, Burke Islands, Arden Is, Albany Is, Newcastle Bay, Slade Point, Warrior Reef, Wyborn Reef, Turtle Head Is, Sharp Point, Ussher Point, Cape Vogel, Goodenough Bay, Hood Point, Toveli Entrance, Rodney Entrance, Cape Rodney, Rothery Passage, Batumata Point, Table Bay, Orangene Bay, Ava Point, Oxford Ness, False Oxford Ness, Hunter Point, East Islands, Middle Peak, Cape Grenville, Shelburne Bay, Round Pt, Salamander Reef, Pandora Entrance, Cockburn Reef, Blackwood Channel, Sir Charles Hardy Islands, Nomad Reef, Raine Island, Raine Island Entrance, Great Detached Reef, Yule Detached Reef, Wishbone Reef, Wreck Bay, Temple Bay, Mosquito Pt, Kennedy Hill, Northern Small Detached Reef, Southern Small  Detached Reef, Fair Cape, Eel Rf, Long Sandy Reef, Cape Weymouth, Zenith Reef, Lockhart River, Cape Direction, Lloyd Bay, Second Three Mile Opening, Lads Passage, First Three Mile Opening, Eve Peak, Cone Peak, Double Hill, Tijou Reef, Moojeeba, Port Stewart, Corbett  Reef, Princess Charlotte Bay, Flinders Island, Cape Melville, Pipon Islands, Barrow Point, Red Pt, Howick Island, Murdock Pt, Lookout Point, Cape Flattery, Hilder Reef, Hicks Reef, Lizard Island, Two Mile Opening, One Mile Opening, Ribbon Reefs, Osprey Reef, Shark Reef, Cape Bedford, Mount Piebald, Mount Milman, COOKTOWN, Cruiser Passage, Bougainville Reef, Flora Reef, Argincourt Reefs, Undine Reef, Tounge Reef, Batt Reef, Trinity Opening, Grafton Passage, Pixie Reef, Arlington Reef, Euston Reef, Green Is, Trinity Bay, Weary Bay, Cape Kimberley, Cape Tribulation, Mount Misery, Mount Pieter Botte, Black Mountain, PORT DOUGLAS, Holmes Reefs, Moore Reefs, Diane Bank, North Cay, Willis Islets, Cape Grafton, CAIRNS, Fitzroy Is,  Scott Reef, Flora Passage, McDermott Bank, Herald Cays, South West Islet, Chilcott Islet, Heralds Surprise, Dart Reef, Flinders Reefs, Malay Reef, Abington Reef, Geranium Passage, Armistice Reef, Pith Reef, Ballenden Ker, Mount Bartle Frere, INNISFAIL, TULLY,  Mourilyan Harbour, Mission Beach, Mt Mackay, Rockingham Bay, Beaver Reef, Dunk Island, Britomart Reef, Hinchinbrook Island, Palm Passage, Magnetic Passage, Rib Reef, Slashers Reefs, INGHAM, Lucinda, Palm Islands, Albino Rock, Lodestone Reef, Keeper Reef, Flinders Passage, Broadhurst Reef, Morinda Shoal, Old Reef, Net Reef, Halifax, Mt Halifax, Magnetic Island, TOWNSVILLE, Cape Cleveland, Mt Elliot, Bowling Green Bay, Cape Bowling Green, Wilson Shoal, Cape Upstart, Abbot Point, Holbourne Island, Line Reef, Knuckle Reef, Hardy Reef, Bait Reef, Hook Reef, Block Reef, Ross Reef, BOWEN, Glouchester Island,Whitsunday Passage, Mt McGuire, Mt Hector, WHITSUNDAY, Airlie Beach, Repulse Bay, Hayman Island, Hook Island, Whitsunday Island,Hamilton Island, Hydrographers Passage, Linderman Group, CUMBERLAND ISLANDS,Round Reef, Square Reef, Edgell Reefs, Hunt Reef, Parker Reef, Stevens Reef, Scawfell Island, Tern Islet, MACKAY, Penrith Island, Snare Peak Island, Hay Point,Prudhoe Island, Bax Reef, Stevens Reef, Tern Island, Vernon Rocks, SWAIN REEFS, Adroit Shoal, East Cay, Elusive Reef, Bell Cay, North East Cay, South West Cay, Saumarez Reefs, Middle Island, Percy Isles, High Peak Island, CUMBERLAND ISLANDS, Long Island, Townsend Island, Shoalwater Bay, Leake Rock, Hixson Cay, Archer Shoal, CAPRICORN CHANNEL, Cape Manifold, Peaked Island, Flat Island, Karamea Bank, Keppel Isles, Keppel Bay, YEPPOON, ROCKHAMPTON, North Reef, North West Island, Heron Is, Masthead Is, Curtis Island, Cape Capricorn, CAPRICORN GROUP, Curtis Channel, GLADSTONE, Bustard Head, SEVENTEEN SEVENTY, BUNKER GROUP, Lady Musgrave Island, Lady Elliot Island    
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